A big country with a tiny population of 2 million, Namibia lies between the Namib and Kalahari deserts and includes the Skeleton Coast and some of the world’s largest sand dunes.

Extraordinary natural sand sculptures are a feature of this most photogenic country along with mighty canyons and grasslands steeped with wildlife. One-fifth of Namibia is protected national parkland and strict conservation laws have resulted in an impressive increase in wildlife once threatened with extinction.

The capital Windhoek is in the centre of Namibia, a city where the influences of Germany and South Africa are apparent in the shops, language and architecture. Around 10 per cent of the population still speak German although English is the official language of government.

Demand for property to rent and buy is high with the established suburbs of Pioneers Park and Windhoek West popular choices. Klein Windhoek in the east is one of the oldest suburbs, offering large homes in well-maintained gardens close to shops and a distinctive German café culture.

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