New York, USA

North American property

One country, fifty states stretching from Hawaii to Alaska, dramatic coasts on the Atlantic and Pacific, exceptionally thrilling ski mountains and a handful of the most iconic cities in the world: how to sum up the appeal of a home in the USA?

It’s this variety of course that brings international buyers. Own a house in Miami and you are in a vibrant and cultured city one day but within one hour by plane to the best beaches and diving waters in the world. New York provides the ability to do business at a ferocious speed with the ability to retreat out of town to rolling countryside.

The main US marketplaces are welcoming ones, well accustomed to international investors and residents. The US has a can-do attitude where things get done in a New York second and also an exciting and dynamic place to live. The main challenge is deciding which neighbourhood of the main cities to set up home.


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