Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua & Barbuda

The Leeward island of Antigua likes to boast about its 365 beautiful beaches, one for each day of the year. Even though the island is only 14 miles by 11 at most, it is easy to find that classic Caribbean scene of tilting palm trees on a pure white beach.

Antigua lacks the full polish of Barbados but its shabby chic style with classy but casual restaurants and bars suits a laid-back residents.

Antigua is also a hot favourite with the yachting crowd. Each year it has a well-attended charter yacht show and an elite regatta where from the high vantage point of Shirley Heights the sea beyond English Harbour is filled with competing sails.

On an island with such a strong naval tradition and such winning beaches, most buyers choose to live close to the sea. Developments and individual homes at all price points are spread around the island, most on the western Caribbean coast but a few on the more remote and rougher Atlantic-facing east coast. High-end villas perched above the sea attract celebrities while waterfront apartments, townhouses and villas in the marina resort of Jolly Harbour on the west coast have a wide price point.

Antigua and his sister island tiny Barbuda both have a successful Citizenship by Investment programme that allows anyone spending $400,000 on an approved scheme to claim residency.

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