Milan, Italy


The compact, grey stone city of Milan in Lombardy is Italy’s financial hub, the forward-looking, economic engine of the country. This is the wealthiest city in the wealthiest region of Italy.

Milan offers fabulous Renaissance and Modern Art from Leonardo’s Last Supper to Michelangelo's statues, chic restaurants, classy shops and swift connections to some of Europe’s most treasured holiday locations. The Ligurian coast, Lake Como and the Alps are all within two hours and the main weekend destinations for affluent Milanese.

Like its well-dressed population, Milan is generally understated with the notable and supremely exuberant exception of Europe’s largest Gothic cathedral, the Duomo. Over 80 per cent of the city was damaged in WWII and today there is a mix of a little Roman architecture, some Liberty buildings – their take on Art Nouveau – and eighteenth and nineteenth century blocks.

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