Tuscany, Italy


This central Italian region has been carefully cherished by the authorities who have lovingly protected their illustrious landscape from the scars of overdevelopment. Tuscany is pricier than elsewhere, yes, but that’s because it is special.

Packed with artistic treasures and blessed with an appealing lifestyle, the cities, towns and countryside of Tuscany are a heady concentration of beauty and culture wrapped up in an authentic Italian landscape of olive groves and vineyards. From a row of tall cypress trees to a Botticelli painting, Tuscany invites you to stay and look and linger.

Yet for all its well-preserved history, the differences between Tuscan areas are notable. In a region stretching from the Apennines to the Sea and with borders on Liguria to the north and Lazio to the south buyers need to think carefully about where to base themselves.

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