Quinta do Lago, Portugal

Quinta do Lago and Vale do Lobo

Faro airport is the gateway to the Algarve and is within half an hour of the prime golfing estates of Quinta do Lago and its near neighbour Vale do Lobo. These beachfront resorts have the most prized golf facilities in the Algarve along with five-star hotels, a wide choice of restaurants and bars and extensive sporting facilities.

Quinta do Lago has a cache that means it can claim to be one of Europe’s premier holiday destinations. It has around 1,200 homes and is known for its low density and the natural beauty of its 650 acres. One in every twelve golf rounds played on the Algarve is played on one of Quinta’s three immaculate courses.

The range of property choices, the wide Atlantic beaches, outstanding facilities and a level of security and safety that is often hard to fine mean that Quinta do Lago consistently outperforms the rest of the Portuguese property market.

The resort’s Irish owner continues to invest heavily, upgrading its already extensive facilities and providing holiday homes to captains of industry, successful entrepreneurs and celebrity sports stars who could choose to live anywhere in the world. Both Quinta do Lago and Vale do Lobo appeal across the generations, a favourite with grandparents, parents and children of all ages in summer and active couples throughout the year.

Four miles along the coast, Vale do Lobo is the region’s oldest resort turning 50 in 2012 and now three times larger than Monaco. It has a wider choice of properties and therefore a wider price range than Quinta do Lago but has proved to be equally recession-proof. When affluent northern Europeans have free time, a substantial number choose to spend it with their families within the perfectly manicured grounds of these two beautiful resorts.

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